These days, we don’t catch too many people questioning the staying power of boutique fitness (survey says, it’s here to stay). Not only that, but there are new classes popping up everyday. And that’s great, because we’re all about optionality and variety. But at the same time, an endless selection of studios can be be pretty overwhelming, and ultimately worthless, if you can’t distinguish what lives up to the hype and what falls short.

So we started The Jonesing. Because the hardest part of a workout should be, you know, the workout, not trying to find one that’s worth your time and money.

Who are we? We’ve been known for a while as that friend hitting it hard at bootcamp before brunch, and shady bouncing from a mid-week happy hour for a different kind of barre session. We’re that person who wants to try every new studio, every new class, and every new concept. Yep, even the latest trend that sounds more like a circus act than a fitness class. So it’s become pretty typical for our friends to lean on us for the intel on what’s new and noteworthy (or what’s been around for a while and still the sh*t), knowing we’ve probably already given that workout a test drive.

And now we want to spread the wealth. We’re here to weed through the proliferating fitness options, and to clue you in on the gems, the solid standbys, and occasionally the bogus workouts that warrant a hard pass. We are never paid by studios to review them, and we always visit classes at least twice before taking a stance. Hey, first impressions are important. But we know there are off days, and while we hope there’s consistency in a studio experience, sometimes you just click with one instructor more than another.

The Jonesing is not about anyone’s personal fitness journey, or even a preference for one type of exercise over another. We’re just here to help you assess whether a studio’s vibe, intensity, and overall situation is something you’d enjoy, or if your sweat is better dripped elsewhere.

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